A Light for My Path Devotional

Pressing Toward the High Calling

Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Football season is here and every day after school you can see the guys out practicing. These young men have to commit to work hard, exercise, eat right, show up on time for practices, and be disciplined in many areas. An athlete has to learn to lose games and experience feelings of failure, but not defeat. In turn, he also has to get used to winning without dwelling on those successes so much that he/she fails to work hard, exercise, eat right, and show up on time for practices, and be disciplined in many areas.

Olympic gold medalist speed skater, Dan Jansen, said “When people think of me, I would like to be remembered as someone who never gave up. I never lost hope, but more importantly, I skated my best, not only when I won the gold medal, but also those times when I fell or was beaten. Each time it was the same for me; it was the best I had to give.” (From A HERO IN EVERY HEART, page 93; Thomas Nelson Publishers.)

Dan Jansen knows that the secret of success lies in not dwelling on past failures nor on our victories. The secret of success is in focusing each day on the task before us and doing the best we can that day.

The Apostle Paul lived by that same philosophy. He never rested on his victories, nor did he get hung up on regrets, defeats and failures from the past. He simply kept pressing each day toward living a godly life with the desire to become more like Christ and to follow His leadership.

Are you hung up, my friend, by living in past defeats or failures? Set those things aside; learn from them, leave them behind, and move forward. Are you dwelling in the success of the past so much that you are forgetting to do today what you need to do? I encourage you to keep your eyes upward on the high calling of God. Live your life in righteousness as Paul did, straining each day to move forward for the prize of the high-calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Father, help me stay focused each day on living for You, looking at the failures and successes of my past only long enough to learn from them. Guide my thoughts, feelings and actions as I press toward becoming more like Christ.

By Ann Shorb

©Copyright Ann Shorb, 2009

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